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Tech Extension Co., Ltd. contributes to science and technology that is enriching the world.

Semiconductors for CPUs and memory, which are indispensable components of personal computers and smartphones, have gained improved performance through device shrinkage. However, we are approaching the physical limits of shrinking using conventional technology. These physical limits have a direct impact on R&D and manufacturing costs, and semiconductor fabrication is quickly becoming an industry that only a handful of semiconductor device manufacturers can thrive in.

On the other hand, in a society that relies on technologies closely related to human activities, such as IoT and 5G communication, high-performance low-cost semiconductors are required.
And in fields that affect social infrastructure, such as AI, it is necessary to build ultrahigh-speed systems with low power consumption. In order to meet these needs, it is necessary to have methods of improving the degree of integration while making full use of conventional technology.

Tech Extension will provide three-dimensional large-scale integration technology including WOW (Wafer on Wafer) and COW (Chip on Wafer), in collaboration with the Ohba Laboratory, Heterogeneous and Functional Integration, Institute of Innovative Research (IIR), Tokyo Institute of Technology. Through the development of this technology, we will meet the needs of society.


Business activities

  1. We support the introduction of 3D integrated technology for LSI (WOW, COW).
  2. We fabricate prototypes of 3D stacked structures.
  3. We support the development of various devices.
  4. We provide procurement support related to research and development.
  5. We support the application of individual related technologies in other fields,
  6. such as precision lamination technology and thinning technology.

What Tech Extension can offer

1. We provide development support for LSI 3D integrated technologies,
including WOW (Wafer on Wafer) and COW (Chip on Wafer).

Until now, semiconductors have benefited from miniaturization, to increase the speed and reduce the voltage, and the increasing diameter of silicon wafers has improved mass production efficiency and realized cost reductions. On the other hand, however, there are limits to the degree of integration that can be achieved by miniaturization, such as increased manufacturing costs due to the difficulty of miniaturization and increased current densities. Therefore, semiconductor companies around the world are shifting their research so that the high levels of integration that have been achieved in two dimensions can also be reached in three-dimensional structures. Although various three-dimensional LSI methods are being studied, the WOW process that we use shows great promise in terms of mass production efficiency and cost. In collaboration with the Ohba Laboratory, Heterogeneous and Functional Integration Research Unit, Tokyo Institute of Technology, we are continuing to study the possibilities of WOW and COW technologies.

2. We undertake the trial production of 3D laminated chips.

In order to employ WOW and COW processes, we fabricate thin stacks of silicon wafers. Therefore, we can meet various needs, such as making three-dimensional structures from silicon wafers that are currently being manufactured.

3. We support the development of various devices.

WOW and COW processes require a great deal of technical know-how. We will support the development of equipment based on the experience we have cultivated so far.

4. We provide procurement support related to research and development.

Research and development requires many devices, equipment, and materials. Our wide network can meet various customer needs, regardless of the types of semiconductors used.

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